Online Driving Course


Supplement your child’s driver education with a 30-Hour Online Course for only $99.

Most parents worry about their child starting to drive. It seems like there are so many things to worry about on the road today - cell phones, friends, aggressive drivers. How can they prepare?

An online course is a great way to supplement your teen’s driver education, to help them become a safe and responsible driver. These virtual lessons will reinforce the rules and tips they are learning on the road. Repetition and reinforcement are important methods for learning any new skill. Your teen will be better equipped for taking their driver test, as well as for being a safe, responsible driver on the road.

This 30-hour online driver education course:
- is fully approvedby the Pennsylvania Department of Education
- has over 3 hours of video content and up to date animations
- includes access to a live instructor
- competitively priced at only $99

This affordable program has met and exceeded the State requirements to become a Pennsylvania approved online driver education course provider.

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While taking this online course, the student has access to an online instructor to answer any driver education questions. The instructor is available through email, live chat, or phone.